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WHY Gernot Rohr Deserves Plaudits Despite Afcon Disappointment

The dust is yet to settle at the Cairo stadium, the venue that hosted the clash between the Foxes and the Eagles but the debate over the next handler of our dear super eagles is already heating up.

On the outcome of the game, we can all agree that the Foxes were superior on this occasion than the super eagles and they are deservedly the winner. But that won’t stop us from analyzing what would have been about our super eagles.

Personally, I believe Rohr has taken us as far as he can and he has really done well with the material at his disposal.

Humans generally are wired to forget too soon, but on this occasion, I will remind us all, the situation Rohr met when he took over the reins of the super eagles; the African Guardiola (Sunday Oliseh) had just run away after failing woefully in his first and only major assignment,

Oliseh was highly ordained and favored back then to take over but his arrogance portrayed finally consumed him,  and he ran away with his tail out.

Let me digress a bit, maybe it’s personal, I think I really hate it when our own are being labeled after the success of others, things like African Guardiola or Nigerian Modric, all these tags are destined to wreck the carrier in most cases as history as shown, Pa Jay and Papilo are both undisputed global stars, sometimes you need to leave the shore of the country before you appreciate the popularity of the duo, even as far as the Middle East, yet we don’t hear names like “the French Okocha” or “the Spanish Fatai Amoo.”

Back to the matter, the Eagles failed to make it to that year Afcon, no thanks to “Pep’s” inability and they just got drawn against three past winners of the Afcon, Algeria, Cameroon, and Zambia, for the world cup Qualifier (even the real Pep will run seeing that kind of group and no oil money to “buy out” (Lol).)

The teams in that very group had a combined nine Afcon titles; Rohr was taking the hardest job in Africa and to our amazement, he did it without even breaking a sweat, for that, I will forever respect him.

His playing style might not be as flashy as the audience wants, but he still got it done.

Rohr deserves nothing but our respect, he might not have reached the height of other great coaches in terms of silverware with the Eagles but he did hold his own during a very difficult spell in the history of our national football.

It has been reported that Rohr will leave after the Afcon and the likely replacement will be Herve Reinard. That will be a step forward, but we are very familiar with how things work in this part of the world, that won’t happen.

we will rather appoint the “African Pochettino” Amuneke to take over, rumor has it that he is the next ordained candidate for the Job.

If Rohr leaves, we should probably appoint a coach that is at least a step ahead of him and not bring us backward with trying your luck managers.

Is Gernort Rohr an excellent coach or overrated. Leave your comments below.

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