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How To Make Money Trading Bitcoin on Overbit In Nigeria

The current internet age has changed the concept of making income as there are now several opportunities to make money.

Nigerians have also become open to the idea of making money online with an increasing number of youths turning to different types of online money making opportunities.

Although there are different ways to make money online there have been an increasing trend towards investments opportunities with Bitcoin trading.

This trend could be as a result of different factors such as the accessibility of platforms that trade in this two digital access and the return on investment.

Bitcoin Market In Nigeria

Bitcoin trading has increased in popularity within the past five years as more Nigerians look to leverage the money making opportunities of Bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin has its advantages as a decentralized currency that facilitates cheap cross border transactions and also doubles as an investment asset.

The recent rise in Bitcoin in 2019 has also seen the coin provide a good return on investment for investors that bought the coin earlier in the year when the coin was valued at $3000.

As of the time of writing Bitcoin trades for $11,300 which means that the coin has gained over 250% in value since the start of the year.

Bitcoin is the most valuable digital asset to invest into due to its widespread adoption and growing potential.

You can become a trader in the coin which is similar to forex trading. This takes dedication but is certainly worth it as the price of Bitcoin tends to fluctuate several times during a trading day. You can always leverage those key moments and make a tidy sum from tested trading practices.

You can also choose to invest in the long-term which is a less risky approach that involves buying the coin and holding for an extended period.

This method may not give as many returns as quick trading but has over time proven to be successful as Bitcoin has displayed an upward price trend in 2019.

Why You Should Buy And Sell Bitcoin on Overbit

What Is Overbit

Overbit is a Bitcoin derivative trading platform, that allows users to trade Bitcoin for other digital assests. Unlike other platforms Overbit lets you trade bitcoin for fiat currencies and metals.

This way you can purchase Bitcoin with cash on the platform from other traders and trade Bitcoin against the USD or other popular currencies.

Benefits of Trading on Overbit

Local Payment

One of the major benefits of Overbit is that Nigerians can deposit and withdraw Bitcoin without extra charges. This makes it receptive for Nigerian because it gives full value for money.

Unique Trading interface

Overbit has a unique interface that is designed to provide an optimal experience for users. On registration, you are provided with a simple but interactive platform that enables you to access the best trading options and features. You can easily access the FAQ section for information about the options on offer and become familiar with the platform within a few hours of registration.

No Transaction Fees

Overbit offers the lowest transaction fees in the market with 0% of your total fee. The trading platform makes their money from the difference between the spread between two markets.

Simple User Interface

Overbit uses a simple interface that is easy to navigate for beginners and advanced users. The menus are arranged neatly and it is easy to perform transactions within a few minutes of signing up.

Signup Bonus

Overbit has generous bonuses for new users as it runs a referral system that rewards existing customers for bringing new users.

This is a nice incentive for Nigerians as you can make a tidy bit of income from referring friends and family.

In conclusion  Overbit benefits and referral makes it unique for Nigerians and we recommend it for Nigerian traders.

To signup for Overbit click Here.

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