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Top 5 Best Freekick Takers in Football History (2019)

One major aspect in football in which only a handful of players succeed in the act of taking setpieces which is usually freekick, corner kick or penalty.

Out the three setpieces, freekick taking is arguably the most technical as it involves the player playing the ball over a manned wall in a bid to beat the opposing goalkeeper.

There have been several excellent freekick specialists that have existed in world football with several techniques invented by this group of talented players.

In this article, we would go through some of the greatest freekick takers ever to play the beautiful game.

Jay Jay Okocha

Austin Okocha also known as Jay-Jay was one of the most talented Africans to play the game in the 90s and early 2000s.

known initially for his jaw-dropping skills Okocha became a major star for the Nigerian national team and Bolton Wanders in England.

During the course of his career, Okocha became a threat from the freekick position and he is one of the greatest freekick specialists to come from Africa.



Brazillian legend Ronaldinho is one of the greatest player to grace the game. The skilful forward became a superstar during his time at Spanish side FC Barcelona.

Known for his array of tricks many young millennials became fascinated with his style from watching youtube videos which has several compilations of his bags of tricks.

One area in which Ronaldinho also excelled was in taking freekicks which began with his wonder freekick in the 2002 FIFA World Cup which was from around the halfway line.

Ronaldinho was known to mix his style of freekick often curving the ball to the top corner but savvy enough to play the ball under the jumping wall.

Andrea Pirlo

Pirlo was known for his role as a regista during his playing dys at AC Milan and later Juventus. Playing at the base of the midfield Pirlo was able to dictate the pace of the game with his excellent range of passes.

The Italian became a vital player for the Italian National team winning the World Cup in 2006 and leading the rise of Juventus after several years without winning the league.

Pirlo was famous for his freekicks which always seemed to move slowly but quickly changes direction on the way to goal.The Italian takes a spot on the list due to his consistency and ability to score freekicks in tense situations.

David Beckham

Arguably the greatest crosser of the ball Manchester United legend David Beckham is known for his iconic curl of the ball when playing setpieces or crosses.  The England international was famous for his freekicks with the phrase ‘Bend it like Beckham’  a testament to his freekick prowress.

His greatest ever moment in an England shirt came in a qualifier for the 2002 FIFA World Cup where he scored a last-minute freekick that made his country qualified for the competition.

His freekicks usually involved him curling the ball over the wall to the other side of goal with several players adopting his style in subsequent years.

Juninho Pernambucano

Juninho is considered the greatest free-kick taker in football history scoring over 80 freekicks in his career. The Olympique Lyon Legend was so dangerous in freekicks that Lyon fans always celebrated when the team were awarded freekicks like penalties.

Name it Juninho scored it all long-range freekick no problems, short range no problems, freekicks from halfway line no problems.

The Brazillian international scored freekicks from 40 yards three times in a single season which is an unreal statistic.

He was the main talisman for the French side that won seven league titles in a row and his freekicks were a huge part of this.

Juninho gets our prize as the best freekick taker ever with his versatility, range and the share number of goals making him our undisputed pick.


Thanks for reading: if any player that you feel merits a selection, please leave your suggestions in the comment box.





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