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10 Benefits of Boxing for Women

Boxing is not just about men anymore. In the last two years, it has become one of the favourite training of female celebrities. more women have begun to go into boxing and gyms that offer this sport are booming.

In this article, we would highlight the benefits of women’s boxing

How Women’s boxing Began


It first appeared in the 1904 Olympic Games, although it was at the London 2012 Games that it became an official sport. In 1954  a boxing match between women was broadcast for the first time on television.

The Association of Amateur Boxing of the United Kingdom repealed in 1996, the prohibition of boxing for women that had been in force since 1880 and in July 1997 the first women’s boxing championship of the United States was held.

The 10 benefits of female boxing

  1. Tones the most complicated areas of the body: Abdomen, legs and arms.
  2. Burns a lot of calories and helps you lose weight:  In a high-intensity session you can get to burn up to 900 kcal, making it ideal for losing weight.
  3. It is one of the best anti-stress therapies: Boxing helps to release tension and adrenaline.
  4. According to Carlos Bernardos of GO fit  ” anyone can do it at any age, the important thing is to carry out good progressions”.
  5. Self-defence is learned: Boxing is a good method of defence and self-confidence.
  6. Increase the muscles:  If the muscles grow, it thins more and you will look stronger.
  7. Works the waist and abdominals intensively: The work of the waist is one of the most important features in boxing exercises. constant boxing exercise would help maintain your figure.
  8. Your heart will become stronger, thanks to cardiovascular work.
  9. Promotes discipline:  To produce results you have to be consistent in training.
  10. It is a fun sport that will help you get out of the routine.

After reading don’t just lie there and do nothing. checkout your nearest boxing gym, register for boxing training and in no time you would begin to reap the benefits of this wonderful sport.

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