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Nicknames of footballers in Nigeria

Cristiano Ronaldo = Ororo – it means groundnut oil from his slippery style of game in his Manutd days

Rio Ferdinard = jegbo – which means eat weed I don’t know where they got that from though Ferdinard looks like a weed addict
Lionel Messi = Abinibi – which means born with talent most times in arguments Messi is referred to as abinibi and Ronaldo as ororo or ability
Pavel nedved = nedi oloye- which literally means chief nedved
Thierry Henry = Igwe – it means king when he came to Nigeria last year he was actually crowned igwe of football
Zinedine Zidane = Apari – which means bald head
Fabregas = Fabrepass – from his passing ability

Adriano = Agbaya – literally means an adult that bullies children I remember he was a beast in pes 2006

Name of skills
Elastico = snake bite or zigima – according to us the move is like a snake bite
Marseille turn = 360 – move made popular by Zidane
Nutmeg = kolo – means in between your legs
five aside football = monkey post- cus the posts are made of rubbers or stone
that’s all for now would love comments of these Nicknames in your countries.

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